World’s environment future is on stake due to rapid depletion of natural resources, scarcity of water, diminishing fossil fuels and roaring energy demand. Quantum Energy is world’s best alternative renewable energy product manufacturer with collaboration of Global Solar Technologies. Quantum Energy offers solar panels with state of the art Q-Cells (Engineered in Germany) with high efficiency and maximum yield of electricity. Quantum solar panels have been designed for projects where objective is to obtain maximum advantage of solar radiations to reduce electricity bill.

Quantum Energy provides the consultancy of net metering, installation of on grid, off grid and hybrid solar system with linear warranty of 25 years of solar panels. Our DC system is for remote areas where grid is not available. DC solar system helps to enlighten the life of people living without the facility of electricity.

Quantum Energy installs solar water pumps ranging from one HP to 40 HP according to the head and requirement of water to irrigate the land for crops. Quantum Energy solar panels are available in all over Pakistan with strong distribution network.

After sales service is the strength of Quantum Energy. Our professional and well-trained staff provides the services at doorstep all over Pakistan.

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